Genetic Pedigree of Mossy Oak's Orange Blossom / Genetic Pedigree of Mossy Oak's Orange Blossom

Linda's Storm Chaser

Hips: BY-1321G
Eyes: BY-EYE20
Mossy Oak's Rhett
Hips: BY-576G24M
Eyes: BYS-298
Scooter Brown
Little Charlie Brown PCH85
Dixie's Chocolate Kate
  Mossy Oak Maggie
Hips: BY-389F24F (FAIR)
Eyes: BYS-228 (TESTED: 97)
Edisto Pete
Hips: BY-208-G24M
Tara-Anne Vernon Merritt
Hips: BY-304G83F (GOOD)
Eyes: BYS-170 (TESTED: 96)
Lesenses Cassiopeia
Hips: BY-790G27F-NOPI
  Lesesne's Pride
Eyes: BYS-193
Keowee Cassiopeia
Eyes: BYS-267
Mossy Oak Buckwheat
Hips: BY-385-G24M
Eyes: BYS-200
Pooshee's Nikki Star

Linda's Gone With The Wind

Hips: BY-2173G
Eyes: BY-EYE19
Dovewood's Doc Turner
Hips: BY-1979G
Dovewood's Jake
Hips: BY-1171G
Eyes: BYS-817N
Dovewood's Vic
Dovewood's Holly
Hips: BY-596-G
Eyes: BYS-123
Dovewood's Amazing Grace
Hips: BY-1695G
Captain Beauregard
Hips: BY-1342G
Eyes: BYS-834N
Frog Pond's Dolly
Hips: BY-1197G29F-PI (Good)
Eyes: BYS-596N (Tested: 05)
Dovewoods Honey Turner
Dovewood's Centerfield Coach
Hips: BY-1755G24M-NOPI
Eyes: BYS-351580
General Beauregard Of A Town
Hips: BY-1118G
Eyes: BYS-717N
Goose Pond Live Wire
Hips: BY-1389E24F-NOPI
Eyes: BYS-780
Dovewood's Molly
Hips: BY-1390G24F-NOPI
Eyes: BYS-814N
Dovewood's Vic
Dovewood's Clare
Hips: BY-1175F
Eyes: BYS-816N

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