Genetic Pedigree of Carolinas Abigail / Genetic Pedigree of Carolinas Abigail

Carolinas Buster Brown

Hips: BY-2316G39M-NOPI
JSR Drycreek Skeeter
Hips: BY-1602G28M-VPI GOOD
Linda's Duck Hunter
Hips: BY-1377G25M-NOPI (Good)
Eyes: BYS-1111 (Tested: 11)
Scout's Feather Creek
Hips: BY-1024G34M-PI (Good)
Eyes: BYS-597N (Tested:05)
Frog Pond's Dolly
Hips: BY-1197G29F-PI (Good)
Eyes: BYS-596N (Tested: 05)
  Laci's Prissy Baby Anna Belle
Hips: BY-1243G24F-NOPI (Good)
Linda's Earnest Tee Of Mossy Oak
Hips: BY-1135G24M-NOPI (GOOD)
Eyes: BYS-560N
Laci Lu
Hips: BY-1082F32F-NOPI (Fair)
JSR Drycreek Abigail
Hips: BY-1433F32F-NOPI
  General J. P. Kershaw
Hips: BY-916G67M-NOPI(good)
Edisto Big Mo
Edisto Bettie
JSR Savannah
Hips: BY-884G24F-PI (Normal)
Eyes: BYS-513
Nat's Last Legacy O'Palmetto
Hips: BY-509G25M (Good)
Eyes: BYS-274
Hips: BY-592F25F-T (Fair)

Carolinas Sassie

Hips: BY-2315G32F-NOPI
HRCH UH Master Maximus Of The Cooper MH SHR NCH10 UICH14
Hips: BY-1523G27M-VPI (GOOD)
Elbows: BY-EL59M27-VPI (NORMAL)
Eyes: BYS-897 (CLEAR)
Mr. Bojangles
Waccamaw River's 12 Guage
Blair's Southern Belle
Princess Zoe By The Creek
Goose Pond Tinker
Hips: BY-788-G (GOOD)
Eyes: BY-781N (CLEAR)
SHR Chelsea By The Sea
Eyes: BYS-399N (CLEAR)
Carolinas Ladybug
Hips: BY-1782G45F-VPI
Eyes: BYS-363002
Hunter, My Rusty's Heart
HRCH UH Fancy's Mighty Samson OCH04, 05 UOCH05
Elbows: BY-EL5M24-P
Eyes: BYS-338
SHR Creek Boat Hunter
Hips: BY-791G
Eyes: BYS-398N
Carolinas Lady Hannah
Byrnes Downs Bally-Hoo
Monticello Bud's Penny

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