Genetic Pedigree of Elizabeth's Fabulous Duchess / Genetic Pedigree of Elizabeth's Fabulous Duchess

C K Skip

Hips: BY-1227F32M-NOPI
Eyes: BYS-1047
Spring Hill Lucky
Scape'Ore Rocky
Charlie B
Hips: BY-368-E31M
Eyes: BYS-236
Burnt Gin Emma
Hips: BY-360F49F
  Scape'Ore Scarlett
Scape'Ore Ernie
Blooming Rosebud
Hips: BY-480G29F
Spring Hill Bubbles
  Show-Me Peanut Butter (LVR)
Spring Hill Rusty
Spring Hill Tiny
Spring Hill Vi
Scape'Ore Ernie
Scape'Ore Girlee

Green Acres Thelma

Hips: BY-1849G27F-VPI
HRCH UH Jeff's True Luck Tucker PCH07
Hips: BY-1353G24M-PI (GOOD)
Eyes: BYS-777 TESTED 07,10,11
Linda's Earnest Tee Of Mossy Oak
Hips: BY-1135G24M-NOPI (GOOD)
Eyes: BYS-560N
Mossy Oak's Cutty
Hips: BY-517G25M (GOOD)
Eyes: BYS-256
Mossy Oak's Tara II
Hips: BY-580G24F (GOOD)
Eyes: BYS-299 (TESTED: 00)
Laci Lu
Hips: BY-1082F32F-NOPI (Fair)
Donald's Thumper
Linda's Baby Bambi
Hips: BY-895G62F-NOPI (GOOD)
Eyes: BYS-559N
Lady Thelma Parker
Hips: BY-1449G
Sterling Foster Tobias
Pawleys Island Sam
Marley Page Vereen
Lady Ariana Marchella
Triever B Firestone's Romeo
Eyes: BYS-154
Lady Savanah Of Berkeley

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