Genetic Pedigree of Dooley Hall / Genetic Pedigree of Dooley Hall

C K Skip

Hips: BY-1227F32M-NOPI
Eyes: BYS-1047
Spring Hill Lucky
Scape'Ore Rocky
Charlie B
Hips: BY-368-E31M
Eyes: BYS-236
Burnt Gin Emma
Hips: BY-360F49F
  Scape'Ore Scarlett
Scape'Ore Ernie
Blooming Rosebud
Hips: BY-480G29F
Spring Hill Bubbles
  Show-Me Peanut Butter (LVR)
Spring Hill Rusty
Spring Hill Tiny
Spring Hill Vi
Scape'Ore Ernie
Scape'Ore Girlee

Ocmulgee Sasc Cmk

Show-Me Chewbacca
Hips: BY-1212G25M-PI
Eyes: BYS-849
Show-Me Buster
Hips: BY-625F
Eyes: BYS-355
Chocolate Chip Hunter
Eyes: BYS-271
Hips: BY-581F
Eyes: BYS-269
Show-Me Baby Ruth
Hips: BY-857G
Eyes: BYS-452
Rock'n Creek Beau's Little Feet
Hips: BY-433-G (GOOD)
Eyes: BYS-221 (CLEAR)
Danna's Daring Delight
Hips: BY-587E
Eyes: BYS-464
Ocmulgee SasC
Hips: BY-1265G25F-NOPI
Eyes: BYS-785
Mossy Oak's Rhett
Hips: BY-576G24M
Eyes: BYS-298
Scooter Brown
Mossy Oak Maggie
Hips: BY-389F24F (FAIR)
Eyes: BYS-228 (TESTED: 97)
Goose Pond Allie McBeal
Lesesne's Pride
Eyes: BYS-193
Eyes: BYS-267

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