Genetic Pedigree of Rusty ll / Genetic Pedigree of Rusty ll

Chitwood's Chevy Bo Tie

Colonial Lake
Hips: BY-1510G26M-VPI
JSR Drycreek Kershaw
Hips: BY-1344G
Elbows: BY-EL44
Eyes: BYS-746
General J. P. Kershaw
Hips: BY-916G67M-NOPI(good)
King Groves Madison Brooke
Hips: BY-1072G56F-PI
Eyes: BYS-711
  JSR Dixie Chik
Hips: BY-776G24F-PI
Eyes: BYS-393
Nat's Last Legacy O'Palmetto
Hips: BY-509G25M (Good)
Eyes: BYS-274
Hips: BY-592F25F-T (Fair)
Colonial Lily Pad
Hips: BY-1245G
Eyes: BYS-658
  Brinson's Confederate Soilder
Scape'Ore Samantha
Colonial Bell
Hips: BY-1016F
Eyes: BYS-648
Pocotaligo's Drake Spencer
Mason-dixon Darling

Chitwoods Radiant Ruby

Black Mariah's Coal Burner
Lesesne's Pride
Eyes: BYS-193
Keowee Cassiopeia
Eyes: BYS-267
Mossy Oak Buckwheat
Hips: BY-385-G24M
Eyes: BYS-200
Pooshee's Nikki Star
Black Mariah's Fairlie Loco
Stonesboro Crazy Zach
Caldwell's Carolina Bob, Jr.
Lesa's Tailor Maid
Stonesboro's Sassy Molly
Donald's Thumper
Linda's Baby Bambi
Hips: BY-895G62F-NOPI (GOOD)
Eyes: BYS-559N

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