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  Below is a list of the dogs that are full and half siblings to HRCH Pupalicious Baby Dog . This may not be a complete list, because Hunting Boykin Pedigree database is based on the information users enter.
FULL Siblings of

Show-me Charlies Golden Ticket

Show-Me Cracker Jax

Show-Me Hershey's Kisses
Hips: BY-2782F25F
Eyes: BY-EYE511/12F
Elbow: BY-EL472F25
Patella: BY-PA803/44F/P
Heart: BY-ACA3/12F

Show-Me Linda
Patella: BY-PA405/13F/P-VPI
Heart: BY-CA1210/13F/P-VPI


HALF Siblings by sire
Show-Me Leo

Austin's Carolina Bay Crypsis

Back Creek's Avery
Hips: BY-2336E29F-NOPI (Excellent)
Eyes: BY-EYE247/31F-NOPI
Elbow: BY-EL243F29-NOPI
Heart: BY-CA941/30F/C-NOPI

Cedarway Just A Sassy Showgirl
Eyes: BY-EYE187/3F-NOPI

Cedarway Kickitupanotch Scout (NR)
Hips: BY-2878G24M-VPI (good)
Eyes: BY-EYE656/15M-PI
Patella: BY-EYE656/15M-PI
Heart: BY-ACA28/15M-VPI

Cedarway's My New Copper Penny
Hips: BY-2324G26F-VPI Good
Heart: BY-CA919/26F/C-VPI Normal

Fix's Show Me Savannah
Hips: BY-2050G24F-VPI

Hanna's Justa Whistlin' Dixie
Hips: BY-2070E24F-NOPI
Eyes: BY-EYE201/41F-NOPI
Elbow: BY-EL154F24-NOPI
Heart: BY-CA722/24F/C-NOPI-ECHO

Nicki's Whoa Nelli
Hips: BY-2282G26F-PI

Show Me The Secret Code
Hips: BY-2620G29M-VPI
Elbow: BY-EL380M29-VPI

Show-Me A Kcc Dusty Sundae
Hips: BY-2227G34M-NOPI
Eyes: BY-EYE652/33M-PI
Heart: BY-CA1289/33M/C-PI

SHR Show-Me Apple Jack
Hips: BY-2710G28M-NOPI
Eyes: BY-EYE492/17M-NOPI
Elbow: BY-EL429M28-NOPI
Heart: BY-CA1178/17M/C-NOPI

Show-me Apple Jacks
Hips: BY-2710G28M
Eyes: BY-EYE492/29M
Elbow: BY-EL429M28
Patella: BY-PA802/51M/P
Heart: BY-CA1178/17M/C

Show-Me Crush’s Wateree
Eyes: BY-EYE887/25F-NOPI (clear)
Heart: BY-CA1407/25F/P-NOPI
EIC: BY-EIC436/13F-NOPI (normal)

Show-Me Ginger Snap
Heart: BY-CA858/17F/C-NOPI

SHR Show-Me Ken's Lexie
Eyes: BY-EYE542/12F-PI

Show-Me Milo Edwards
Hips: BY-2256G35M-VPI
Eyes: BY-EYE214/38M-VPI
Heart: BY-CA913/38M/C-VPI

Show-Me Nestle's Crunch
Hips: BY-2580G26F-NOPI
Eyes: BY-EYE299/12F-NOPI
Elbow: BY-EL356F26-NOPI
Patella: BY-EL356F26
Heart: BY-CA967/12F/C-NOPI

Show-Me Orange Crush
Hips: BY-2579G25F-NOPI
Eyes: BY-EYE300/11F-NOPI
Elbow: BY-EL355F25-NOPI
Heart: BY-ACA2/25F-NOPI

Show-Me Peaches N Cream
Hips: BY-2226G24F-NOPI
Eyes: BY-EYE122/23F-NOPI
Heart: BY-CA856/23F/C-NOPI

Show-Me Peppermint
Hips: BY-2578G33F-NOPI
Eyes: BY-EYE124/19F-NOPI
Elbow: BY-EL354F33-NOPI
Heart: BY-CA959/19F/C-NOPI

Show-Me Pumpkin Patch
Hips: BY-2225G24F-NOPI
Eyes: BY-EYE123/23F-NOPI
Heart: BY-CA857/23F/C-NOPI

Show-Me Reese Cup
Hips: BY-2507G30F-NOPI
Eyes: BY-EYE301
Heart: BY-CA1123/30F/P-NOPI

Tabby's Sweet Scampi Stud
Hips: BY-2418G24M-VPI
Eyes: BY-EYE126/8M-NOPI
Heart: BY-CA960/19M/C-PI

HALF Siblings out of Dam
Show-Me Chocolate Delight

Green Acres Java
Eyes: BY-EYE348/22F-VPI
Heart: BY-CA1104/30F/C-VPI

Green Acres Show Me Jeb

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