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  Below is a list of the dogs that are full and half siblings to Elizabeth's Fabulous Duchess . This may not be a complete list, because Hunting Boykin Pedigree database is based on the information users enter.
FULL Siblings of

Green Acres Emma
Hips: BY-2071F24F-VPI
Eyes: BY-EYE363/49F-VPI
Heart: BY-CA796/28F/C-VPI

Green Acres Katie
Hips: BY-2072F24F-VPI
Heart: BY-CA797/28F/C-VPI


HALF Siblings by sire
C K Skip

Altamaha's Payin The Piper
Hips: BY-2666G24F-VPI (GOOD)
Eyes: BY-EYE869/39F-PI
Elbow: BY-EL409F24-VPI (NORMAL)
Patella: BY-PA456/24F/P-VPI (NORMAL)
Heart: BY- CA1256/24F/P-VPI (NORMAL)

Bama Seymour Ducks Britton
Hips: BY-1994G27F-NOPI

Charley's Huckleberry Finn
Hips: BY-2034G24M-NOPI
Elbow: BY-EL137M24-NOPI
Patella: BY-PA117/24M/P-NOPI
Heart: BY-CA689/24M/P-NOPI

Ck Skip Sas Mac

Cracker "Jack"
Hips: BY-2530F32M-NOPI
Elbow: BY-EL333M32-NOPI

Dooley Hall

Draco's Wicked Seduction
Hips: BY-2926G86F-VPI
Elbow: BY-EL566F86-VPI

Draco's Wicked Seduction

Grace's Rockin' Dixie
Hips: BY-2195G26F-NOPI
Eyes: BY-EYE510/53F-NOPI

Green Acres Christy
Heart: BY-CA791/40F/C-VPI

Green Acres Deborah
Hips: BY-1966F27F-VPI
Eyes: BY-EYE342/61F-VPI
Heart: BY-CA789/40F/C-VPI

Green Acres Tennie
Hips: BY-2047F25F-VPI
Heart: BY-CA795/32F/C-VPI

Green Acres Whodidi
Hips: BY-2046F25F-VPI
Heart: BY-CA794/32F/C-VPI

Lady Isabella Faircloth

SHR Larry's Copper Penny CD RN NJP

Maggie May II Mags
Hips: BY-1997G36F-VPI
Eyes: BY-EYE6/38F-VPI
Elbow: BY-EL117F36-VPI
Heart: BY-CA682/37F/P-VPI

Max Output Cody Buster
Hips: BY-2721G42M-VPI
Eyes: BY-EYE312/18M-VPI
Elbow: BY-EL438M42-VPI
Heart: BY-CA988/18M/C-VPI

Mossberg's Winged Obsession
Eyes: BY-EYE2/41F-VPI
Elbow: BY-EL95F28-VPI
Heart: BY-CA932/68F/C-VPI

Munson KJW BS

Rose Priss Mccorvey

Savannah River Zig

Ssk Dixie Sanders

Weber's Lucky Penny
Hips: BY-2563G52F-VPI
Eyes: BY-EYE306/39F-VPI
Elbow: BY-EL350F52-VPI
Heart: BY-CA1002/39F/C-VPI

HALF Siblings out of Dam
Green Acres Thelma

Al And Jens Maggie

Berkeley Dream Weaver

Green Acres Diamond
Eyes: BY-EYE362/9F-VPI
Heart: BY-CA1110/16F/C-VPI

Green Acres Hannah
Eyes: BY-EYE345/31F-VPI
Heart: BY-CA810/12F/C-VPI

Green Acres Montana
Eyes: BY-EYE354/31F-VPI
Heart: BY-CA811/12F/C-VPI

Green Acres Pearl
Hips: BY-2627F24F-PI
Eyes: BY-EYE357/9F-VPI
Patella: BY-PA427/24F/P-VPI
Heart: BY-CA1109/16F/C-VPI

Green Acres Ruby
Eyes: BY-EYE358/9F-VPI
Heart: BY-CA1111/16F/C-VPI

Green Acres Toby
Heart: BY-CA809/12M/C-VPI

Mocha Williams
Hips: BY-2705F35F-NOPI
Heart: BY-CA1264/35F/P-NOPI

Ssk Rhett Lee Sanders

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