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How to Get Your Dog Listed as a Stud Dog on Hunting Boykin Pedigree.

Hunting Boykin Pedigree Stud Dog Search.  As many stud owners know, unless you do heavy advertising it can be difficult to get your stud dog's name heard in the dog community.

Hunting Boykin Pedigree has made it easier for "dam" owners to find your stud dog.

Users can search (for free) for stud dogs by filling out a search with the following criteria (please note that the criteria can be as specific or as broad as a user likes)

  • location


If you are interested in having your stud dog added to the stud dog search, please fill out form below.  The cost is $30 year.  If you have any questions you are welcome to contact me via email info@ccwdpedigreedatabases.com


An Example: (opens in new windows)

Labrador retriever stud dog page www.huntingboykinpedigree.com/studdog.asp?id=5  This is a "test" dog

Labrador Retriever main pedigree page http://www.huntingboykinpedigree.com/pedigree.asp?id=5 (which also has a link to the stud page)


PLEASE NOTE: The way the main pedigree database works is that anyone can change a DOG’s information.

When you  add a stud dog to the stud search. I make it where you (the user/stud owner) are the only person who can change your dog’s personal information. I do this because this is a paid service & also don’t want someone to type in something that could hurt your stud dog’s reputation. (you will notice that under the main pedigree page of the test dog above there's a administrator lock.) --  This is also called Edit Locked



If you are ready to add your Stud dog please fill out payment form.

Add Stud Dog To Stud Search

Qty: Price: $30 per year


Dog's name:

PLEASE NOTE: After you purchase your subscription I will need to manually set up your stud page account.  Once your account is set up I will send you an email (not including the payment confirmation email) that your stud page account has been activated. If you dog is NOT in the database please add him before you purchase.  (This purchase is through Cross Creek Kennel)

All proceeds will go to the database space and upkeep. Below you can search the stud dog database.

Thank you for all your support.


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